Have you seen the number of winter cyclists on the street this year? I even saw an electric bike yesterday!

First off, I think it is great! Cycling was my main mode of transportation 20 years ago, all seasons. I was one of the few bikers, and sometimes the only one, throughout the winter season. Now a days there seems to be at least one every block. The gears have changed. MEC has some great tips and I am impressed with the active cycling community in Waterloo, as well as the knowledge online and in blog posts.

Times sure have changed, and the technology too, with the electric bikes and so on. That’s true about heating too.

Mid-efficiency heating is a thing of the past. The rule of thumb with furnaces or boilers is to upgrade every 15 years. How old is your heating system? We would be happy to take a look at it for you.

We have a lot of heavy tools so we will be arriving in our Afterglow vans… and not on our bikes!

But I will be giving those cyclists a thumbs-up on my drive by!

Keep cycling KW!