Local & Family-Run for 30+ Years

We are a local, independent business, passionate about making a personal impact with our honest approach, integrity service, and down-to-earth vibes.

First started by George McDonald, when he invented the way to clean water heaters, Afterglow soon evolved into a full-service HVAC company.

Today, with George’s sons, Stephen and Paul, leading the way, we
continue to put our customers and employees first, delivering exceptional comfort and peace-of-mind to homes, apartment buildings and businesses across Waterloo Region & beyond.

How It All Started

Our journey started with founder George McDonald’s passion for cleaning water heaters.

Through innovative tools and processes, he rejuvenated gas, electrical, and oil-fired water heaters, combating lime build-up.

After 16 years of servicing Waterloo Region as ‘Delta De-Liming’, we evolved in 2007 into ‘Afterglow’ a homegrown, full-service HVAC company.

Today, we proudly handle all things heating & cooling for homes, apartment buildings and businesses in Waterloo Region & beyond.

Rooted in the Community

As a family business with deep roots in Waterloo Region, giving back to our community is an important part of who we are.

Some of the charities and organizations we support are:

Roof | Reaching Our Outdoor Friends (ROOF) is committed to providing for the safety, support, and overall well-being of homeless youths and youths-at-risk. 

Habitat For Humanity | Habitat Waterloo brings volunteers & community partners together to build simple, affordable homes for low-income families. 

Canadian Cancer Society | Afterglow employees wear pink hard hats to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month to benefit the local Cancer Unit. 

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