Heat pumps are all the rave these days, and rightfully so! 

Modern heat pumps are versatile and a cost-effective, clean-energy alternative (or addition) to traditional HVAC systems. Plus, with NRCan’s Greener Home Grants you can receive up to $5600 in rebates on your heat pump install.

So, whether you’re looking to make your home more energy efficient, get away from fossil fuels altogether or simply replace your heating or cooling system, look no further!

We’ll dive into the 3 main types of heat pumps we’ve been installing around Waterloo Region right here!

1. Cold Climate Heat Pumps: A Whole House Solution

For houses with central ductwork (read: forced-air furnace) a Cold Climate Heat Pump assumes the roles of your furnace and air conditioner, delivering year-round comfort with exceptional heating in the winter and effortless cooling in the summer.

Designed to tackle extreme temperatures, they reliably harness heat from the outdoor air, even when it feels bone-chillingly cold (read more about how this works here).

Equipped with advanced technology, like low-ambient temperature sensors and variable-speed compressors, they provide the most efficient heating & cooling performance available without relying on traditional fuel sources.

Best Application: Complete Furnace & A/C Replacement; Fuel Switch from Fossil Fuels to Clean Electricity

2. Hybrid Heat Pumps: The Best of Both Worlds

If you have existing ductwork and it’s time to replace your air conditioner or you simply want to maximize your home’s energy efficiency, hybrid heat pumps are a fantastic option. 

These innovative systems combine the power of a traditional furnace with the energy-saving capabilities of a heat pump. During milder seasons, the heat pump efficiently heats or cools your home. When temperatures drop significantly, the furnace kicks in to ensure optimal comfort.

This dynamic duo ensures energy savings and comfort all year long, and one we recommend frequently to homeowners looking to replace their A/C unit.

Best Application: A/C Replacement in a Home with Ductwork

3. Ductless Heat Pumps: Flexibility at Its Finest

Is your home heated by a boiler? No ducts? No problem! Ductless heat pumps, also known as “mini- or multi-split systems”, cater to homes without ductwork or those looking for zone-based temperature control. 

These versatile units consist of an outdoor compressor and indoor air handling units, allowing you to customize comfort in different areas of your home.

Easy to install and energy-efficient, we often recommend them for heating & cooling small spaces, such as attics, garages, additions, converted space, and for homes heated by a boiler.

Best Application: Heating & Cooling of Small Spaces Without Ductwork or A/C for Homes with a Boiler


Final Thoughts

Heat pumps have emerged not only as the most efficient system on the market, but as a technology that is here to stay.

We are here to help you navigate the options and make the best possible decision for your home’s specific application. 

Contact us today for a relaxed, pressure-free conversation about finding the perfect solution for your home.