For many, many years, dogs have been our loyal companions. Many, many families have decided to adopt a new 4 legged friend since we have more time at home, and perhaps we are filling a social void. We see it in our neighbourhood; there are 4 or 5 new puppies on our block. And the local dog parks are full of new puppy owners. For those of us yearning for more social interactions, dogs provide an ice-breaker for conversation and a great way to meet neighbours. 

Big or small, dogs can bring many positives to a household: Giving kids something to do! Giving parents something to do! Motivating the family to get outside and get more exercise. Teaching empathy.

On the other hand, from a Heating and Cooling perspective, dogs and pets can put a bit more stress on equipment. Shedding fur and the added dust particles can clog up filters prematurely

Are Pets A Source Of Pollution?

Technically, yes. Importantly, fur, dander and pet odours can contribute to health issues and really should be treated as we treat any source of pollution. We use a four-prong strategy to deal with indoor air issues

1.) Remove/eliminate the source of pollution -> that is not happening with a new puppy!

2.) Isolate or seal the pollutant -> no, we are not locking up the dog in a room

3.) Ventilate -> we can add ventilation to a house to help

4.) Filter -> yes, consider replacing your filter more often or upgrading to a HEPA unit

HVAC Tips When You Have Pets

If you have pets or planning to adopt a new puppy or dog, here are some tips to keeping your home’s HVAC system running smoothly: 

  1. Ensure that filters are checked. 
    We recommend checking your filter every 30 days, depending on the dog that you have. Pet owners should be changing their filters at roughly 30 to 60 days. Be sure to vacuum regularly to keep up with the fur and dander and consider upgrading to a HEPA filter for the smallest particles of hair or dander.

2. Inspect air ducts 
Dogs can release dander at home, ensure that the house and ducts are clean. A professional duct cleaning is recommended every 3-5 years to keep dander from being recirculated through the home when the HVAC system is turned on.

3. Keep a groomed dog 
Make sure to brush and trim all fur as it promotes a healthy coat for dogs. A well-groomed dog means that less fur will end up in the filter and the ducts. Keeping a groomed dog also keeps its fur from matting or creating painful knots. 

4. Keep from the outdoor unit. 
Creating an enclosure will keep dogs from clawing or damaging the unit. Puppies and dogs are curious by nature. If they got into the wires and started chewing wire, it could result in a severe injury to your pup. And don’t let them pee on it!

5. Call Afterglow
Participating in a tune-up twice a year will help keep bills low and allergies afar. Give us a call, and one of our technicians will happily come out and perform a comprehensive cleaning and tune-up.


Understanding the importance of your dog’s shedding and dander will help to ensure your HVAC unit’s filter is in good shape. Making small changes in your home will help your family breathe easier and keep your HVAC system running longer and smoother. This means more energy to play with the new four-legged friend.