Taking Energy Savings to a New Level

If you’re looking to maximize energy efficiency or get away from fossil fuels, then a heat pump might be for you. Modern heat pumps are highly energy-efficient, versatile and come designed for Canadian weather.

Why make the switch?

  • Maximize energy efficiency in your home with the most efficient system available
  • Reduce your carbon footprint with clean electricity
  • Protect yourself from rising oil/natural gas prices and carbon taxes
  • Take advantage of NRCan’s Greener Home Grants

Qualify for up to $5600* in Rebates.

*Includes $600 for the energy assessment.

How Does a Heat Pump Work?

The vast majority of heat pump installations in Canada are what is called electric ‘air-to-air’ heat pumps. These extract heat from the outside air in the winter and transfer it to the indoors. Conversely in the summer, they extract heat from the indoors and pump it outside.

How can a heat pump extract heat in the winter?

Even during frigid Canadian winters, the outside air contains thermal energy. Here is what happens:

1. Warm always moves to cold

Heat naturally flows from places with a higher temperature to places with a lower temperature.

2. The refrigerant absorbs outside energy

A very, very cold refrigerant (-50 °C), that circulates through the heat pump, is pumped outside to absorb the thermal energy contained in the outside air (e.g. at -15 °C). The absorbed energy raises the temperature of the refrigerant to its boiling point, turning it into vapour.

3. A compressor makes it piping hot!

A compressor then increases the temperature of the vapour even further to a piping hot 70 °C!

4. Heat is released inside

Inside the home, the refrigerant releases the heat to the cooler indoor air, returning to a liquid in the process.

5. The process repeats

The cold, liquid refrigerant is cycled back outside and the process repeats.

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Cold Climate Heat Pump

Especially made for Canadian weather, the Mitsubishi Cold Climate Heat Pumps deliver year-round comfort with exceptional heating in the winter and effortless cooling in the summer.

Best Application: Complete Furnace & A/C Replacement 

  • Whole-house solution for centrally ducted systems
  • Optional electric coil for backup heating (for extremely cold weather)
  • Heats in temperatures lower than -30 °C
  • High-end performance and efficiency
  • Super-quiet operation, space-saving design
  • Fuel switch from fossil fuels to clean electricity
  • Eligible for NRCan’s Greener Homes Rebate of up to $5000

Hybrid Heat Pump

The MITS AIR™ Hybrid Heat Pump system provides heating and cooling for any home or small application, in conjunction with an existing furnace or fan coils.

Best Application: A/C Replacement & Integration with Existing Furnace

  • Whole-house solution for centrally ducted systems
  • Heats down to -15 °C
  • Makes use of existing furnace/fan coils for backup/supplemental heating

  • Ideal for an air conditioner replacement and to reduce energy use for heating

  • Economically priced, energy-efficient operation
  • Slim, ultra-quiet, easy-to-use

Ductless Mini- and Multi-Split Heat Pumps

The Mitsubishi Mr. Slim systems are offered in a range of efficiencies and operating temperatures (-10 °C to -30 °C) and can be fitted with a single or multiple ductless heads.

Best Application: Heating & Cooling of Small Areas Without Ductwork

  • Heating & cooling an attic, basement or garage without existing ductwork
  • Replacing  an existing A/C ductless systems in homes heated by boilers
  • Systems with 2 to 3 ductless heads are eligible for grants ranging from $2500 – $5600

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