This Canada Day, let’s explore unique locations across our beautiful country that share names resonant with the HVAC industry! Join us on a journey from coast to coast, celebrating the beauty and diversity of Canada through an HVAC lens.

Furnace Falls, Ontario 

Furnace Falls is located on the Irondale River near Haliburton, Ontario. This waterfall gets its name from blast furnaces used to smelt iron ore in the area. 

Boiler Rapids, Alberta

Boiler Rapids is located on the Athabasca River in Alberta, known for its fast-flowing waters and rugged terrain.

Chaleur Bay, Quebec 

Chaleur Bay (French: Baie des Chaleurs) is a large bay on the Gulf of Saint Lawrence located between Quebec and New Brunswick. The name “Chaleur” translates to “heat” in French, which is fitting given the bay’s relatively warm waters.

Hot Lake, British Columbia

Hot Lake is a geothermal lake located in British Columbia. The warm waters of the lake are heated by geothermal activity beneath the surface, making it a unique natural feature in the region.

Thermal Peak, British Columbia

A mountain peak located near Kitimat, British Columbia.  

Over to You!

Have you been to any of these places or have any to add? Message us with your comments! 

As we celebrate Canada Day, let’s appreciate our country’s natural beauty, charm and the places that nod to the HVAC industry. Happy Canada Day from all of us here at Afterglow Heating & Cooling!