We get it! Your furnace is quietly working away in your basement, keeping you cozy, until one day it isn’t. To prevent that unpleasant surprise from happening, we always recommend 3 essential steps to homeowners.

1. Replace Your Furnace Filter

A dirty filter can suffocate your furnace. It’s best to check and replace often.

2. Check Vent Pipes

Check the air intake & exhaust pipes outside your home and remove any blockages, such as leaves or snow. 

3. Regular Maintenance

An annual inspection by an HVAC pro will catch problems early and ensure your system is ready for the heavy lifting.

We Help Keep Your Family Safe 

As your furnace, heating boiler, hot water tank or fireplace ages, the risk of harmful leaks and unsafe operation increases. 

Regular maintenance is vitally important for the safe operation of your HVAC equipment.
It’s like getting your brakes checked on your car.

– Stephen McDonald, Afterglow

As a TSSA-registered HVAC contractor, we perform comprehensive inspections & maintenance of your fuel-burning equipment. With our Maintenance Plans it’s as easy as signing up and forgetting about it.