Why do furnaces break? The simple answer is … lots of different reasons.

At Afterglow, we get asked that question all the time.

It never fails… we ring the doorbell, walk into a home that has electric heaters plugged into every outlet. We follow the homeowner to the basement and find the sad, quiet, and old furnace that refuses to do its job.

Here are the top 4 reasons your furnace died at the worst possible time:

1.   Parts Fatigue: This is the top reason. The furnace has been working with many on-off cycles, just like city driving, causing one or some of the parts just stop working.  An annual 15 –point furnace checkup can be proactive.

2-   Cheap furnace: Do your research. A good manufacture will build a good furnace and it will last longer than a piece of junk every time.

3-  Professionally installed: If the furnace is not installed properly it will not work up to its full potential.  Afterglow technicians are well trained and agile, problem solvers.

4-   Environmental Reasons: These problems are unique to each site. Kitty litter, pets, children, saw dust, dryer lint, spider webs, humidity and water softener salt all contribute to a furnace’s failure. Regular maintenance can help add years to your furnace.