At Afterglow, we are committed to more than just heating and furnaces!  We believe this community is better when all youth have a warm dry roof over their heads, on a cold winter night.  That’s why Afterglow is working with ROOF, an organization providing service to homeless youth in Waterloo Region, with a monthly donation.

Why we support ROOF.

ROOF is a very important organization in our community. They aim to provide health and safety, resources, access to medical care, education and opportunities to youth experiencing or at-risk of homelessness.

ROOF is equipped with an emergency shelter program that can care for up to 10 to 15 in need youth on any given night. While staying at ROOF, youth are assigned a primary worker who assists them with securing appropriate housing and setting short and long-term goals.

How can you support ROOF?

We have a great idea for the next time you need a lunch catered! Try Lunchbox!  It is a social enterprise program at ROOF. You can purchase a nutritious lunch.  It is the perfect opportunity to help youth help themselves.

A warmer tomorrow

Afterglow believes in ROOF and the many reliable programs they offer. Helping the youth in our area is a critical step in preparing for our future. We need able, healthy and educated youth in order to see our community grow. At ROOF, youth have the chance to get back on their feet while they gain the knowledge and essential skills necessary to secure a bright future.

We hope that by pairing with ROOF, we can help provide a warm, safe environment for any youth in need.