A blower with no heat… or …the furnace won’t turn on? Now what?

We are getting many phone calls at Afterglow this month. The temperature has dropped and if your furnace won’t turn on. Give us a call – We will fix your furnace!

But what if your furnace needs to be replaced? Or you want to improve its fuel efficiency to save money, or to improve the comfort of your home? We have put together the top 5 tips when buying a furnace.


VIDEO: Watch Stephen’s 5 furnace buying tips.

#1 Fuel Efficiency:
Look for a multi-stage furnace with a 95 efficiency or better. It will save you money and last longer.

#2 Air Blower:
A high efficiency ECM air blower will make sure the air is circulated properly around your home and make your home more comfortable.

#3 Air Filtration:
The air filtration will keep the dust and dirt away from your family, making a healthier, cleaner environment.

#4 Warranty:
It’s important to have a good warranty with your furnace. We recommend a ten year parts and labour warranty.

#5 Proper & Clean Installation:
Make sure you get a proper installation with all the proper ducts and vents.

A furnace is a big investment in your home, talk to the Afterglow team; they have answers to all your home heating questions. They are Waterloo’s experts in heating and cooling.