Did you see Stephen and the Afterglow team on CTV News Monday night? We were featured in a story about the frigid temperatures and the effects of the recent polar vortex on furnaces.  Click here to watch it.

It got us thinking about extreme weather tips for our clients. Temperatures will be up and down for the next 2 weeks, but we still have at least two more months of winter conditions.

Top 5 Tips for Extreme Cold Weather:

1. Don’t crank the heat! I know you want to crank the heat, (we all do) but during extreme cold weather, try and keep your furnace at a reasonable and steady temperature. Keeping your thermostat consistent will give you the best performance and prevent breakdowns.

2. Clear the vent exhaust and intakes – Put your boots on and go for a walkabout around your home.  Remove snow from your car and house vents to prevent carbon monoxide from building up in your vehicle or home.

3. Weather strip your windows – Did you know air leakage accounts for up to 30% to 40% of total heat loss in your home? Weather stripping your windows will save you money and keep the heat inside where you need it. Learn how to install weather stripping.

4. Prevent freezing pipes – Prevent pipe freezing by leaving a tap on in your home. Environment Canada suggests turning on the lowest tap in your house to a thin stream or fast drip overnight during extreme cold temperatures.

5. Get a furnace checkup – Your furnace will be the hardest working appliance in your home during a cold snap. Remember to check your thermostat batteries and your furnace filter. We recommend getting an Afterglow 15 point furnace check to give you confidence through the next major cold front.

Stay warm!