How much abuse can a smartphone take? None, right? Gone are the days of ‘Takes a Licking, Keeps on Ticking’. We are in the age of planned obsolescence. If they make a gadget that will last for decades, you won’t buy another one for decades. So every year you’re replacing one of your major appliances, or your car, computer and of course, cell phone.
Then again, maybe one manufacturer is building something of substantial quality. Take Blackberry, our local titan.
Afterglow’s general manager Stephen was out for a January walk in Monarch woods with his kids, throwing pebbles in the stream. Unfortunately, his Blackberry Torch fell out of his pocket and bounced into the creek. Sadly, the water was too deep and murky to find it. He left the woods without his phone, determined to go back and retrieve it.
Two days later, Stephen took another shot at looking for his Blackberry in the light of day, but this time, the water level was lower. Sure enough, there it was – submerged in the creek. He reached into the icy water and picked it up. Following the wisdom of his father, he put the drowned Torch in a bag of dry rice to absorb the water.
Stephen took the dried Torch to a specialist, only hoping to retrieve his files, but lo and behold, the phone was returned – working!  Stephen’s Blackberry Torch came back to life, and as of three weeks later, it is still going.
We believe that this is a testament to a level of workmanship that is all too rare in this age of planned obsolescence. Afterglow is a proud believer in Blackberry’s secure network and robust construction.
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