Just before Christmas, in 2012, the Richardson family was surprised with a free furnace from Afterglow. Industry partners including; Tempstar Heating and Cooling, McKeough Supply and BMC Mechanical donated supplies while our Afterglow team provided their time and free labour.  In a matter of hours we were able to install a new high efficiency furnace and complete necessary duct work around the house. We followed up with Heather Richardson to see how she felt about the experience and how her family was enjoying the new furnace!

Heather’s mom had entered her family in the Afterglow contest so the news was a complete surprise when the Richardson’s were told they were in the top 3 families. Heather said, “my mom was quite ecstatic even when we got to runner up”. The Richardson’s were in great need of a furnace replacement since their old one was over 25 years old. It can be very costly to replace a furnace and that’s why many people put it on the backburner. It’s one of those major expenses that are difficult to afford and tough to plan for most families. “We didn’t actually have the money to buy a new furnace”, Heather told us, “we would have needed to get a loan from the bank so we were crossing our fingers that nothing happened right away”.

We asked Heather what her kids thought about winning the new furnace. “They were quite excited”, she told us, “the night before we all prayed about it, if the furnace was meant for us, and if not we knew someone else would be thankful to receive it.” For the Richardson family it meant a much warmer upstairs and getting rid of many cold drafts. Heather said “It’s wonderful and the kids notice it too”.

Since installation, we are happy to report the furnace has been running smoothly and heating all parts of the Richardson’s home. We were delighted to be able to bring this gift to the Richardson’s just before the holidays. Heather left us with some very kind words, saying our crew, “went above and beyond what they needed to do and what the contest was. They cleaned up after themselves, put in a new vent and they were just fantastic. It didn’t take very long at all. They were all amazing people. It was quite an experience”. Congratulations, once again Heather, and enjoy the warmth you and your lovely family deserves!


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