Gas leaks are making headlines! Here’s what you need to know.

During Afterglow annual maintenance inspections, we have found small gas leaks and some major leaks.  On one occasion, our technician could smell it as soon as he entered the house. He had the home-owners open the windows and doors to ventilate the house, then promptly found the gas leak and shut the gas off.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is also a serious problem. Older heating systems and broken heat exchangers pose a greater risk to produce Carbon Monoxide. Symptoms include headaches and dizziness and quickly escalates to nausea and unconsciousness.

Everyone wants to protect their family.  It is an important rule to check your heating system every year!  Afterglow has an annual heating inspection; it tests for natural gas leaks for carbon monoxide. 

Book your furnace or boiler inspection and we will give you a free carbon monoxide / natural gas detector



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