We are wearing our poppies proudly at Afterglow.

Remembrance Day is around the corner. I like when the 11th falls on the weekend so we can take the kids to the Remembrance Ceremonies and enjoy it together as a family. I remember last year, when we went downtown Kitchener.

A few weeks ago my son asked me about the meaning of the poppies. I said the poppies commemorate, or honour or show respect, those men and women who lost their lives in war. War is a hard subject to teach kids. It’s even a hard subject for adults to understand.

There are times when I see my kids laughing and playing and living with and innocence that I think of the children in war torn countries. I can’t help but feel that those kids live a scary fearful life. When do they feel that youthful, innocent joy? Do they live in fear day in and day out? Let’s pray they don’t!

We have so much to be thankful for living in Canada… So thanks to all the soldiers past, present and future. May we never forget.


Local Ceremonies on Monday, November 11th.

Waterloo — Royal Canadian Legion branch 530: parade leaves the Regina Street hall at 10 a.m., and marches to the Waterloo cenotaph for a 10:15 a.m. ceremony. The parade, which will include members of the Royal Highland Fusiliers, a military band and vehicles, and soldiers in Second World War-era uniforms, will proceed along King and Princess streets.

Kitchener — Royal Canadian Legion, Fred Gies branch 50: a ceremony will be held at the Kitchener cenotaph, at the corner of Frederick and Duke streets downtown, beginning at 10:30 a.m. Area streets will be closed for the duration of the ceremony.