Herb Layh and the residents of the Eastview Apartments were fed up with their heating situation. “Our oil system was an absolute nightmare.” Herb Layh, the COOP President explains. “One day I came in and I found black powder so thick we had to shovel it out.”  Oil was expensive to heat the building. The COOP was struggling with costs that averaged nearly fourteen-thousand a year including the repair bills.

The COOP made the decision to rip out the oil heaters and move to natural gas.  After reaching out to ten heating and cooling companies, they decided to work with Stephen McDonald GM, from Afterglow Heating and Cooling.  “Stephen listened to what we needed.” Layh says the Coop didn’t have a lot of money, “So he tailored the system to meet our needs.”

Afterglow installed an innovative multi-boiler system that can heat the entire building on the coldest days and not cost the COOP an arm and a leg to maintain on the average days. Stephen McDonald explains, “we designed and installed a system that is an extremely efficient way heat the building, and also save them money.”

The multiboiler system has paid for itself in savings for the COOP says Layh. “Our savings are around 40% a year. And the treasurer tells us we have more money in our reserve than ever before. “  That great working relation continues between the coop and Afterglow.  “We have a maintenance agreement, we come every year to do the necessary service. “ Explains McDonald, “It’s a great win win situation.”  Layh has high praise for Afterglow and McDonald. “We consider him a friend and a partner,” Layh says. “He is very attentive and he doesn’t overcharge. He wants the system to work for us.  Working with Stephen is one of the best relationships I have had with a company.”