We are glued to the Olympics … like most Canadians. It has been inspiring to watch our athletes doing their best and being rewarded with the podium!

We tore ourselves away from the Olympic broadcast last weekend to take our boys to a speed-skating meet in Cambridge.

What was really exciting? Meeting real Olympians at the event. Amanda Overland (silver medal, 2006 Olympics) and Cindy Overland (two-time Olympian) were there to present the medals!

Amanda had the honour of handing out the medals, but I couldn’t help thinking about her sister Cindy as she sat in the audience with the rest of us.

Our society is so enamored with celebrities and in this case, an Olympic Medalist, that we over look the incredible accomplishments of a two-time Olympian just because she didn’t make it to the podium!

The whole issue was made more poignant because my one boy, Sacha, competed in a faster category and didn’t medal, while Rowan received a gold in the next level down. Needless to say Sacha was crestfallen.

So, I want to give a big shout out to all the competitors out there! Here is to all the incredible athletes that didn’t win their last race, shinny hockey game, wrestling match, bike race or even a game of bowling. I’m cheering you on!

If our boys don’t turn out to be the Hamelin brothers, you better believe I will be clapping just as loud for their 4th or 5th place finish.

Whether you are an Olympic medalist or an Average Joe like me, know that at Afterglow, we will treat you the same.

Go Canada Go!