Is it spring already? Hope so. It’s been a pretty tough road for lots of folks around the country, probably in your own neighbourhood – and maybe even your friends and family! So I’m thinking most of us could use a little “renewal”.

For months now, we’ve heard all about how people have been cutting back on extras. But around here, we look at that a little differently. I mean really. Can you believe that some of the things we use to run our houses – electricity, heating, plumbing – use to be luxuries across this country?

Not anymore! They’re as vital to our way of life as… well, as a text message is to a teenager. Beeps and buzzes are the symphony of today’s family life, letting you know that some really “important” and “urgent” information is right at your fingertips.

Or maybe it’s just because most of us really do like to stay in touch with our friends.

That, by the way, is how we think of you – not just as customers, but as friends. And the friendship we share matters even more in uncertain times like these. Let me assure you of one thing. We look out for our friends. When you call us about a problem, we try our best to get your system working so well you won’t need us for a while. But if you do, we’ll be right back out there again to take care of any trouble that comes up.

Sound good? Hope so. Look forward to seeing you in your home soon.


Stephen McDonald

P.S. We look out for friends of friends too, so please pass along our name. We’ll give your friends our best service and value too.