What’s in a name? When we first started out in 1991, we were called Delta De-Liming. We focused mostly on mechanical problems with water heaters. As our business grew, we adapted and evolved into the full service providers we are today. We wanted to find a name that reflected what we did and our connection to the community in which we work.

Fun fact, The City of Kitchener also went through a re-naming in 1916! Before then, the city was named Berlin, reflecting the German culture of the early settlers. Great Britain and Germany were allies during the 19 century; after all, Queen Victoria was married to a German Prince! But all that changed in 1914 when Great Britain and Canada went to war with Germany.

City officials and business owners were concerned with all the products being manufactured and stamped with “Made in Berlin.” A lot of local manufacturers, such as the Lang, Eagle, and Breithaupht Tanneries were producing much needed military supplies. A referendum was called to change the city name.

Some of the names on the ballot were Brock, Corona, Adanac (Canada spelled backwards), Keowana, and Benton. However, the Secretary of State for War, Lord Kitchener, went down in a shipwreck only a few months before the September vote, so the city chose to honour him by choosing his name.

In 2007, we changed our name from Delta to Afterglow. Some of the other names we considered were Lamplighter, Acapella, and Vitruvia. We liked Afterglow the best for numerous reasons, but mostly because after we have finished servicing or installing your furnace or boiler, we know you will feel good!

After all, there’s a lot to be said for a good name!

Afterglow. Water, warmth, well-being.