Afterglow is here to tell you that size matters when it comes to your furnace! 

Did you know that most residential furnaces are WAY too big? A furnace that is too large not only cycles on and off quickly, but can lead to operational inefficiencies. For example, rooms furthest from your furnace will remain cool, parts will break down sooner, and its lifespan will be shortened.

So what does this mean? That sizing makes a huge difference in whether a furnace works well or not, and thinking that bigger is always better will cause you to waste energy and money.

Get your home measured for size. A heat-loss calculation performed by an Afterglow technician will confirm what size furnace or boiler your home needs.

We guarantee that our trained technicians will take the time to analyze your home to find the right heating solution and size for you. Let us guide you to find a furnace that is “just right.”  

Like Goldilocks and The Three Bears, one size does not fit all.

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