Back when I was a kid, a while back now, there weren’t many families who had Air Conditioning. They were a novelty item during the summers. I remember my friend Mike and I throwing grass clippings into his family Air Conditioner and watching the fan blow the grass into the air. It sure was considered a luxury item, in fact, back then only 12% of homes in Ontario had central Air Conditioning units. Nowadays the figure is more like 80%! Boy have things changed.

Instead of being a big luxury item, central Air Conditioning in homes has become more commonplace as people want to escape the really scorching hot weather during heat waves. Sleeping at night is easier and more comfortable when the air is cool, and we know that sometimes during the summer the air at night isn’t very cool at all. Instead of being a luxury, it feels like Air Conditioning is a necessity.

If you want to service your existing Air Conditioning unit, or if you would like to purchase a new unit for your home before the weather gets really unbearable, call Afterglow for great service and prices. 

Until next time, stay cool!