Canadian BillsThe sizzling summer heat continues!

It’s no secret that when your air conditioner (AC) is on, your energy bill goes up. Most of us expect to have a higher electricity costs over the summer, but what happens when the heat continues into September and October?

With temperatures averaging around 30 degrees this week, Waterloo Region homeowners are forced to keep their ACs on into September. Fortunately, there are a few ways residents can keep their electricity bills in check.

Utilize these strategies to lower your costs and stay comfortable:

Don’t let the light in. Blocking sunlight is a great way to keep the heat out of your home. Make sure all of your windows are covered with blinds or shades to avoid the direct light and heat from creeping in.

Heat free meals. Ovens not only produce high temperatures to cook your food, they also add heat to your home. To keep your cooling load down, use low-heat methods to cook foods, such as a crockpot or microwave.

Or, take your cooking outdoors to the grill!

Use a fan. If you thought fans are just for blowing hot air around, think again! Point your fan out the window so it can push hot air out, and adjust your ceiling fan’s setting so the blades run counter-clockwise, pulling hot air up and out.

You’ll be amazed at how effectively this works.

Replace your air filter. Air filters need to be checked and changed more frequently in periods of heavy use. Clean air filters improve airflow throughout the home so your AC doesn’t have to work as hard to keep your home cool.

If you avoid replacing or cleaning your AC’s filters, it can lead to unwanted mechanical issues and repair costs! Don’t believe us? Read this.

Keep your dehumidifier running. Keeping the moisture level low in your home will increase your comfort and reduce the need of the AC.

If you have questions about your AC, please don’t hesitate to contact your trusted HVAC professionals at Afterglow. Also, remember that your AC needs professional maintenance each season as well, so don’t forget to schedule your tune-up!


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