dirty air filter

Dirty air filter

You seldom see them, but air filters are in many of your household appliances – your fridge, dryer, vacuum, furnace and air conditioner! Air filters are a vital part of your home’s air quality, which means that they require regular tender loving care.

If you avoid replacing or cleaning your furnace and air conditioner’s filters, it can lead to unwanted mechanical issues and repair costs!

What Can Go Wrong

A system that has a dirty filter can suffer from “pressure drop,” which can lead to reduced airflow resulting in less heat. This will also cause your system to work harder, putting stress on the unit, ultimately causing system failure! Uh oh.

Also, dirt and dust that is exposed to condensation can become damp, which causes mold to grow. This leads to serious health consequences AND a compromised unit that will require servicing or replacing.

For filters, we recommend the disposables. Cleaning filters has the added risk that the dirt and dust will become air-borne again and you are right back where you started.

Tips on Changing the Filter

1. Turn off the unit before replacing the filter.
2. Remove the filter and note its size – use the proper size for your unit.
3. For furnaces only: Make sure the airflow arrow is pointing towards the furnace.
4. Make sure there are no gaps around the filter’s frame. If there are, you may have the wrong filter size.
5. Use a cloth to clean up any remaining dust before and after you replace the filter.
6. Turn the unit on and observe it. Make sure the filter stays in place.

Tips on Cleaning the Filter (for those of you insisting on using them)

1. Turn off the unit before cleaning the filter.
2. Once you’ve removed the filter, wash it with soap and water.
3. Allow the filter to dry completely.
4. Re-insert the dry filter.
5. Turn the unit on and observe it while it’s operating to make sure the filter stays in place.

If your until fails to turn back on, the fan is slow or makes excessive noise, or you notice moisture intrusion from an unknown source, give us a call: 519-747-7732.

We are always here to help the Waterloo Region!

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