Not only does it get really hot during our summers in Southwestern Ontario, it gets really humid too. All that water in the air makes the heat feel really wet and heavy and makes us feel sluggish and sweaty. Humidity control is not only important for your comfort, it’s also important for your health. Too much humidity in the house can cause mould to grow, which can lead to all kinds of health problems. 

How can you control humidity in your home this summer to make life more comfortable?

A good quality Air Conditioner in good repair is designed to draw out humidity as well as cooling the air. But if an Air Conditioner isn’t right for you or your home, there are also whole-home humidifiers which work great and are less expensive. Instead of having de-humidifiers in each room, you can have one for the whole house.

Humidity control is part of your overall home health – for your family and the house itself. If you need help with humidity problems in your home, give our experts a call at Afterglow. We are committed to your comfort and well-being. After all, summer is a season to be enjoyed!

Until next time, stay cool and dry!