BRRR! Have you felt that nip in the air recently? The weather is getting colder, which means it’s almost time to start sealing up your windows! That way all that cool air stays out, while all that warm air stays inside. But on the downside you don’t get as much fresh air.

Luckily, we have Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRVs). They are great tools for bringing fresh air into your home! But not many people know about them.

HRVs and Your Health:

Studies have shown that indoor air quality impacts respiratory health. That means it’s important that we all get fresh air, as it reduces breathing disorders like asthma.

HRVs transfer the heat from the outgoing air to warm the fresh incoming air. The old stale air with airborne pathogens, irritants, allergens and CO2 are expelled without losing much heat. Make sense?

HRVs in Ontario:

As the Ontario Building Code requires homes to be tighter and more efficient, HRVs (and Energy Recovery Ventilators, ERVs) are becoming increasingly necessary, and popular. They can be installed independently, or can be connected to your existing air ducts.

To improve your indoor air quality with HRVs, call Afterglow today for more information!

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