Ok, I think it is officially time to accept that heating season is here! After a really warm September, which seemed hotter than the summer, it’s time to get ready for winter!

After digging your winter clothes out of the attic and getting new boots and coats, you need to get your house ready for winter, too. That means:

a) You need to call Afterglow for a furnace or boiler tune-up,
b) If it is time, call Afterglow about a new, more efficient, more comfortable heating system.

If you are due for a new heating system, you may be worried about the cost, but new systems work beautifully and save you money in the long run! They are far more efficient and heat homes evenly and rapidly. Along with saving you money, they also save energy and put less of a load on the energy grids, which is great for the environment. How can you go wrong?

A dependable heating system is crucial to home comfort. With new systems, there are also limited time rebates available – up to $900 in government grants. Give us a call to find out about great deals in heating systems and how your home can be warm and comfortable this winter without hurting your budget!

Afterglow will help you keep your heating system in perfect working order throughout the winter season, giving you peace of mind. So pull out those sweaters and enjoy the rest of fall before winter is upon us!

Fun fact! Ontarian’s use natural gas as their principal energy source for heating.

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