It’s hard to believe all of that snow has finally melted and we can turn off our furnaces for another season! It’s great to be able to be outside enjoying our gardens and parks. We can finally put away big winter boots and coats and even put shovels back in the basement or garage where they belong. There are flowers, leaves budding on trees and a lot of birds. I’ve seen neighbours I haven’t seen all winter!

But no sooner are we done complaining about the cold, the heat and the humidity starts to get to us. Well, here’s a friendly reminder that Afterglow services and installs air conditioners as well as furnaces, boilers and water heaters.

But did you know that Afterglow offers the industry’s BEST warranty? Afterglow warrants everything they install, and they mean EVERYTHING, for 10 years. Yep, ten years. All you have to do is get it checked (serviced) by us once a year.

That’s because at Afterglow we know that your heating and air conditioning systems are the most important investment in your home.

When looking for someone to service or install something so big and complicated and, well, expensive, you want to know that it will be reliable for a good long time.

Imagine your furnace or hot water heater giving up during that cold winter? Yikes! Or trying to sleep in a nice, cool comfortable home on a hot and humid summer night when the A/C decided to conk out! Who wants the added stress of more bills or loopholes in warranties, which may not cover “such-and-such” a part.

Afterglow warrants EVERYTHING and we mean it! Every screw, fitting, piece of duct and vent as well as the equipment.

Phew! Nice to enjoy peace of mind in heating and cooling. No one should have to worry about being comfortable, no matter what the season. During this hot and humid summer, you may consider upgrading or even installing a new A/C. Afterglow experts are more than happy to offer advice about the right solution for your home.

Until next time, enjoy the weather!