Programmable thermostats may be a problem for the elderly and infirm.

If you are helping look after a senior or someone infirm, check the programming on their furnace thermostat.

We recently received a call from an elderly neighbour because she didn’t have any heat! YIKES! She was concerned that her furnace may have broken down over this very, very cold Canadian winter.

Luckily, we had a technician right around the corner, so we stopped by to take a look. As it turns out, her furnace was in fine working order, however, her thermostat had been mis-programmed!

It was a quick fix with no charge at all, and her house started to warm up before we left. “That’s a miracle!” she said. No, that’s Afterglow!

This is not the first time we’ve visited a senior’s home this year to adjust the night-time set back on thermostat. Believe it or not, we feel it is a pretty big problem.

With so many technical aspects to a modern furnace, there are bound to be unexpected issues. To prevent unexpected breakdowns, losing heat in the winter or A/C in the summer, you should:

Afterglow1. Test your thermostat and check the programming,
2. Replace your filter monthly, and
3. Receive regular maintenance.

And as always, Afterglow is available 24/7 for any of your heating, cooling and ventilation emergences! Our expertise will take care of all your HVAC problems.

Did you know Waterloo Region experienced the coldest February in recorded history, by never venturing above freezing? That puts a lot of stress on a furnace! It’s no wonder she was concerned that her furnace had broken down.

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