Corry Bath is bundled up and smiling! She can be found on the corner of Chopin Drive and Westmount Road everyday; walking A.R. Kaufman Public School students across the intersection. On this day, it is about -20 with the wind chill, but Corry isn’t complaining. She is happily greeting students and staying warm with a large coffee!

“I love doing this because of the children,” said Corry. “I have a great group of kids. They’re polite and say thank you.” We want to thank her and all the other crossing guards that keep our kids safe.

We learned a lot about this line of work from Corry. “I’ve been a crossing guard for the City of Waterloo for 8 years,” she explained. The veteran is one of more than a hundred people that work as crossing guards across Waterloo Region.

We think they are awesome! No matter the weather they are out there! That’s why Corry and her Crossing Guard peers are Afterglows #KWColdHeroes.

Corry Bath - crossing guard

Are you interested in becoming a crossing guard? Apply today.

Last month we recognized Out of the Cold, The Food Bank of Waterloo Region, and Reception House Waterloo Region. Please recommend an organization who deserves to be a KW cold hero on Twitter.

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