DIY Ways to Hide Your Air Conditioning Unit

With temperatures reaching 30+ degrees since June, summer 2015 has been long and hot in Waterloo Region. To combat the heat, air conditioning (AC) units are essential, but let’s be honest – they’re large and aren’t aesthetically appealing. But don’t sweat it; there are lots of DIY ways to cover them.

Below are 3 examples of AC covers to inspire your own design.

1. Fencing

fenceOne of the most common approaches to hide an AC is with fencing. Not sure what type of fencing to use? For an integrated look, get inspired by the elements that already exist in your backyard or use leftover building materials from your last project.

You can also check out some of the great ideas on Pinterest.

2. Vegetation Screening

lattacefencePlant screens are good budget alternatives for those who aren’t interested in investing in a custom fence. With this screening, you can even integrate your garden to allow climbing plants to grow, like roses or beans.

How pretty would that look in your backyard?

3. Build a Structure

shed1How smart! Keep space in mind by creating a structure that hides your AC and stores garden tools, such as the lawnmower, hose, pool care supplies etc. Some structures are also designed to match the design and build of the house, creating optimal aesthetic appeal. Take a look here.

Before creating an AC cover, keep in mind what keeps your unit in good working order. The reason AC units have a perforated metal casing is so they can breathe. It’s important to keep this in mind before you add any obstruction around it.

To be safe, check the manufacturer’s recommended distance or contact Afterglow!

Afterglow. Water, warmth, well-being.

Timing is Everything

IMG_1392He shoots, he scores, he goes to the hospital!

Amidst the sticky heat outside, a broken air conditioner can feel like an emergency. I had a real emergency last week when I dislocated my elbow playing soccer. It may not have been the KW United’s PDL Championship, but what caused me to dislocate my elbow ended up being the game winning goal!

Luckily, it was just a quick 2 hours later it got popped back in by the lovely professionals at the Grand River Hospital — for anyone who’s been in a similar situation will know this is quite timely.

Being able to respond quickly to emergencies is a valued quality Afterglow prides itself in. But first and foremost, helping our customers avoid emergencies to begin with is an important part of our job.

We both want your air conditioner to last as long as possible. Here’s how to make that happen:

  • Close the windows. This is important! It’s not just about saving you on your energy bill; it saves years on your air conditioner to make sure you operate it properly.
  • Make sure it’s installed properly. The refrigerant charge should always match the manufacturer’s specifications. If they don’t, the efficiency of the unit can be impaired which results in your air conditioner not working effectively.
  • Routine maintenance. Be sure to hire qualified service technicians who are able to correctly identify refrigerant problems, whether it’s related to charging or replacing parts. Improper maintenance or lack thereof can habituate problems and turn easily solvable issues into long-term problems that cost you more money and possibly an air conditioner.

Afterglow is here to help keep you cool for the summer by being there for you with helpful tips, tricks and support that ensure your equipment runs efficiently and effectively.

If you are feeling the pain of a broken air conditioner, or heater/water heater for that matter, call us. Our trusty trained technicians will get you up and going in no time.


Afterglow. Water, warmth, well-being.