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Afterglow’s trade secrets have been passed down from generation to generation. Seriously! My dad, George, has been working in this business for a quarter of a century.  Now both my brother and I are following in his footsteps at Afterglow. What I love about my dad is he is a fixer. He is always looking for the best value for our customers and he taught all of us at Afterglow to think the same way.

So…back to the water heaters: If you’re looking for endless hot water or to save on energy or space, Afterglow can help find the best water heater solution for you.

There are a few things we look for when finding the right water heater for your needs:

·      High Efficiency

·      Electric or gas

·      Tank or tankless

·      Capacity

Did you know a tankless water heater could reduce gas consumption for heating domestic hot water by 35% a year? That’s money in your pocket!

But maybe you don’t need to replace your tank at all. 

Keeping your water heater clean is important. Approximately 20% of home energy costs are related to heating hot water. Keeping your water heater clean and well maintained will help improve your energy efficiency and keep your energy bill from skyrocketing.

Get to know your water heater. Things to look out for are: a decrease in hot water flow, excessively hot water, or a rumbling or popping noise from your heater. These are good clues that your water heater needs to be inspected. It might just be a de-liming you need. Give us a call at Afterglow and we can help.

If you want to learn more about how your water heater works, check out this video.

We would be happy to teach you some Water Heater 101. It is an important piece of your homes infrastructure you should get acquainted with.  Whether you have a gas, electric or oil water heater, we can help.

We love talking about water heaters.

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Water – Warmth – Well-being

Highlights from the March WRAMA Seminar

Flapper for your Crapper

A big March snowstorm could not keep our WRAMA faithful away! Right around seminar time, the skies cleared up to show a brilliant sunset. Inside our four speakers were keen to share their tips for saving utilities.

Leading off was none other than yours truly… me! I shared some information on TIPS and TRENDS for boilers, water heaters, furnaces and ACs. It boils down to keeping an eye on your systems, doing the fundamentals like replacing your filters, and getting ANNUAL MAINTENANCE done.

Next, Josh Halbert from Canadian Water Conditioning spoke about water and water treatment. Water quality management is important for tenants, infrastructure and equipment like boilers and water heaters. There are alternative treatment techniques including Parafos, a food grade scale and corrosion inhibitor for non-potable applications.

Ruth Hildebrand, from the Region of Waterloo, spoke about promoting water efficiency. The Region’s Water Master Plan will be voted on in June, including the Flapper Replacement Program. Flappers are one of the most common sources of water leaks – check your own toilet! Don’t know much about your flapper? Watch here.

Lastly, Wayne Brabazon from the Region spoke about ICI water efficiency. They help offset audit costs and rebate for water savings. There is opportunity for the multi-residential sector for savings and it will be worth a call to the Region to investigate: 519-575-4426. Wayne’s message: track your utility consumption for your home, business or building.

Stephen McDonald, Afterglow Ltd,