4 Easy Steps to Winterize Your Air Conditioner

icicles on Air ConditionersWith fall in full swing, now’s the time to prepare for the winter months ahead. While often overlooked, winterizing your air conditioner (AC) is an important part of maintaining your unit. If you want to ensure your AC is working well next summer, Afterglow recommends preparing it for winter.

Here are four easy steps you should follow to ensure you properly winterize your AC unit:

1. Turn your AC unit off

Did you know that ACs have exterior circuits that control the power that runs to the unit? We recommend turning it off for the winter. Doing this will prevent damage to the unit and will avoid it accidentally turning on!

Why is that a problem? Consider this: If the unit turns on it will use water to create cool air. If that water is exposed to freezing temperatures it can damage the AC. Yikes!

2. Clean the outside of your AC unit

Trim any plants that are too close to your AC unit, and sweep away any leaves or grass clippings that could blow onto it. Afterglow also recommends using a high pressure hose to clean the fan blades and condensing coils.

3. Check your AC unit for damage

Take a close look at your AC unit’s exterior and see if there is any damage, particularly cracks or rust. Make sure you have turned the unit off before doing this! If you find any cracks or rust, call Afterglow so we can address the issue before winter.

4. Cover your AC unit

There is some debate over covering your unit. Your AC is designed to be outside, so if you choose not to cover it the winter elements won’t damage it. However, if you would prefer to cover it up, keep in mind these three things:

1) Get a breathable cover to avoid trapping moisture inside the AC cabinet, which may lead to corrosion, 
2) Mice like tight little places and the AC might be a good mouse-house, and
3) Be sure to take the cover off before starting your unit up in the spring.

Come spring-time, call us to arrange your pre-season AC tune-up.

Have questions about winterizing your AC? We have answers! Give Afterglow a call and we will help you: 519-747-7732.

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Have You Seen Our New Homepage?

After many hours of creative genius, we are delighted to announce the launch of our new homepage! We sat down with the site’s visionary, Afterglow’s General Manager Stephen McDonald, to learn more about the design and the story behind it:


What was the inspiration?

HomepageOnCellphoneMy goal is always to put our customer’s needs first. We did that by keeping the website radically simple, reducing clicks, and focusing on getting people where they need to be quickly.

I always wanted it to be visually appealing. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and if a new visitor doesn’t like what they see, their reaction is to hit the “back” button. Just try to click back after seeing our new layout!

The new site not only looks great, it is simple to navigate on any mobile device! Afterglow’s services are right at your fingertips!

How does this better reflect the Afterglow brand?

The page is vibrant and colourful which reflects the wonderful personalities that make up the Afterglow team! Our staff strives to provide our customers with an uncomplicated and seamless experience, which I think is reflected in our homepage brilliantly.

We hope that you’ll find the new Afterglow homepage fresh and colourful, with improved navigation, allowing you to find the information you need quick and easy.

Check out the new homepage and tell us your opinion! Afterglow would also like to thank 10am design for developing this site.

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