Congratulations to the 4th Annual Furnace Giveaway Winner

The Afterglow team was greeted with surprise, sincere gratefulness and many hugs from Cindy and John Savage and their three children. Watch the surprise here.

“The furnace giveaway has become a tradition for us at Afterglow and we are so happy to give back,” said the General Manager of Afterglow Stephen McDonald.

The Savage family welcomed the Afterglow team into their Kitchener home this morning (Saturday December 19th). They are the winners of Afterglow’s fourth annual Furnace Giveaway.


The Afterglow team

“I am surprised. Relieved more than anything. I knew that our current furnace was near the end of its life and figuring out how to save up for a new one would be difficult,” explained Cindy. “Now that concern is just gone. This is the best gift ever.”

Cindy and John have been married for 12 years and are the parents to three children, a 10, 8 and 14 month old. John is unable to work due to health reasons, so Cindy works to support her family. Their current furnace is 20+ years old and has not been working properly. Cindy’s mom nominated her because she wanted to give her daughter’s family the gift of warmth this winter.

Hardworking mom Cindy greeted us at the door of her home with thank yous and tears, “this is the nicest Christmas present we could ever get. Thank you so much.”

Cindy and her family will not be left without heat this Christmas. The Afterglow team installed a brand new high efficiency furnace and a new thermostat within hours.


L to R: George McDonald, Charlotte and Cindy Savage, Stephen and Paul McDonald

To make this giveaway possible, the Afterglow team had many supporters. The high efficiency RHEEM furnace was donated with support from Noble Trade and the sheet metal was donated by BMC Sheet metal. The Afterglow team is thankful for all its partners. The estimated cost of this “gift of warmth” is over $5,000.

Stephen McDonald said, “thanks to everyone that nominated families and to the judging panel that made a very difficult decision. We are so happy that we could help the Savage’s stay warm this winter and for many more winters to come.”

Have a warm and merry Christmas!

Afterglow. Water, warmth, well-being.

Is it Time to Replace Your Furnace? Here are the Warning Signs

Yes, it’s that time of year, for some it is the dreaded heating season. The leaves have fallen, the days are shorter and the cold weather is setting in.

As winter fast approaches, now is the time to ensure that your furnace will get you through the season, keeping you nice and toasty! That is why we have put together a list to help determine if it is time for some tune-ups or a new furnace.

Time for a new Furnace

Your Furnace is 16-20 Years Old

Fun fact: The average life expectancy of a central furnace is 16-20 years. If your furnace is close to this age or older, you should start shopping. Even if it is working, it is likely not operating at maximum efficiency and your electricity bills are probably at all time! That’s no good.

Your Maintenance Bills are Increasing

Furnaces are like any piece of technology, as they age they will need more maintenance. If your furnace is older and you have a repair costing more than 15% of a new furnace, you should go ahead and replace it. Why? Because it is more likely to break down again.

It is also important to note whether you had to wait to get replacement parts. As a furnace ages, it gets harder and harder to get replacement parts.

Your Furnace is Noisy

Loud furnace noises come for all kinds of reasons. Furnaces tend to make some noise when they turn on and off, but if those noises start to get louder, it may be time to replace your unit. These sounds may come in the form of whistling, rattling, popping, banging, humming or screeching. This could be a telltale sign your furnace is nearing the end of its life or that some of its may need to be replaced.

If you think it’s time to replace your furnace, contact Afterglow. Our technicians are trained and have experience with every residential furnace make and model in the Waterloo Region. Our expertise will help you make an informed decision and keep you warm throughout a harsh Canadian winter.

Also, if you know someone who needs a new furnace nominate them for our Furnace Giveaway. We want to give the gift of warmth to a deserving family this holiday season.

Afterglow. Water, warmth, well-being.

Afterglow’s 4th Annual Furnace Giveaway

oThe holiday spirit is coming to the Region of Waterloo early this year. Our annual furnace giveaway is back, but we need your help! Did you know a new furnace can cost upwards of $4,000 in Ontario? Help us give the gift of warmth to a deserving family this holiday season.

Afterglow’s furnace giveaway was established in 2012 as a way to give back to the community.

In 2012 and 2013 two Waterloo Region families were gifted with a furnace. Last year, when we visited the furnace giveaway nominees, we realized their furnaces were in good condition and only required repairs and maintenance. So we switched things up, and gifted three families with a one year Care Package that included: free furnace cleanings, maintenance, a parts and labour warranty, along with a new carbon monoxide detector.

“In 2012 my daughter and I went 48 hours with no heat, and went 24 hours with no heat in 2013. The furnace giveaway was the nicest, warmest, Christmas present we could have ever gotten,” said the 2013 furnace winner Laura Walsh.

With weather experts calling for another frigid winter, it is essential that we keep another family in a warm home this season.

Nominations for the furnace giveaway are now open, and Afterglow wants to get the word out to families in need. Nominate a family here.

Nomination period: November 11 – December 7, 2015
Deadline for nominations: December 7, 2015
Installation date: Saturday, December 19, 2015

Here are some media links of past furnace giveaways:

  1. Free Furnace Answers A Family’s Prayers, December 23, 2012 – The Record
  2. A Warm Afterglow, December 10, 2013 – The Cambridge Times

Why do we do the furnace giveaway? Because we are a local company that wants to give back to a community that has welcomed us with open arms.

“This is an absolutely amazing initiative,” commented Char Le Duc, who was one of the 2014 winners. “Heart, business, philanthropy and all round goodness.”

Afterglow. Water, warmth, well-being.

Congratulations to our Furnace Giveaway Winners!

A Kitchener family that has dealt with hardships this year when their grandfather, Grant Wight, had emergency open-heart surgery, received a great gift from Afterglow this weekend. We surprised the Wight’s and two other Region of Waterloo families Saturday morning.

The Wight family

L to R: Grant Wight, Betty Ann Wight, Stephen McDonald.

“We started the Furnace Giveaway back in 2012 and are switching things up this year,” said our General Manager Stephen McDonald.

When we visited our 2014 Furnace Giveaway nominees, we realized their furnaces were in decent working condition and needed repairs or maintenance, but did not need to be replaced.

“We decided to fix up the three families furnaces which needed the most maintenance,” explained McDonald. “Afterglow will also be providing these families with a one year Care Package, including free furnace cleanings, maintenance, and a new carbon monoxide detector.”

The second family that Afterglow will be servicing this year is the Duffy’s. A Cambridge family has been in and out of McMaster Medical Hospital for the past year, as their daughter was born with life threatening medical issues. Neither parent has medical coverage, and the cost of furnace maintenance is not their top financial priority, even though their furnace needs a thorough cleaning.

“We are incredibly grateful that Afterglow is doing this for our family,” said Fran Duffy.

L to R: Shamus Duffy, Rick Duffy, Stephen McDonald, Fran Duffy, Molly Duffy.

L to R: Shamus Duffy, Rick Duffy, Stephen McDonald, Fran Duffy, Molly Duffy.

Their son Shamus LOVED our Afterglow blanket. He asked his parents if he could bring it to school!

Shamus Duffy
The final winner of Afterglow’s Giveaway is Charléne Le Duc, a Kitchener resident who is extremely community-minded. She spends the majority of her time giving back to the Region of Waterloo. Every week she hands out hats, gloves, and scarves in downtown Kitchener.

L to R: Stephen McDonald, Charléne Le Duc

When Afterglow inspected Le Duc’s home they recognized she did not have a carbon monoxide detector and her furnace needed some maintenance.

“This is an absolutely amazing initiative,” commented Le Duc, “Heart, business, philanthropy and all round goodness. Bravo!”

It’s amazing to see how appreciative residents are of the Furnace Giveaway.

We just want to quickly thank everyone who made our 3rd annual Furnace Giveaway possible. A big shout to CTV Kitchener for coming along for the ride today!

Happy Holidays!

Afterglow. Water, warmth, well-being.