Top 5 Extreme Cold Tips

Top 5 Tips

For over 24 years, the Afterglow team has been taking care of Waterloo Region, keeping families cool in the summer months and warm during the winter months. As experts in the field, we will keep your furnace happily humming throughout our frosty Canadian winters!

Compared to last winter’s cold spurts, this winter has been consistently cold, making this February even chillier than last year! The Weather Network posted this video – Southern Ontario Chill: How cold is it?! – demonstrating the frigid February forecast and potential record setting temperature ahead. You’ll definitely want to stay warm!

During the colder months, furnaces are often running non-stop and Afterglow receives service repair calls around the clock. To keep your furnace running smoothly and your family toasty and snug, here’s our top 5 extreme cold tips:

1. Check your furnace filter and regularly replace every 3 months

Filters accumulate dust, debris and Fido’s fur, and furnaces run more much efficiently when replaced. Keep an extra filter handy and remember to write the date on the side.

2. Clear snow away from outside vents

Check that snow hasn’t built up outside your house to block the outdoor air vents.

3. Check for strange noises, leaks or rust

If your furnace is making odd noises, or you notice rust or a leak, call one of our friendly and qualified Afterglow technicians to take a look.

4. Check that windows are completely sealed

Leaky window seals can cause your furnace to work even harder to heat your house.

5. Turn down the temperature at night

Lower the thermostat a few degrees at night, so your furnace isn’t running non-stop.

If your furnace does break down, not to worry, we have a 4-hour guarantee! Just give us a call, make yourself a cup of hot chocolate to stay warm, and we will be over soon!

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From Extreme Cold to Extreme Heat

Stephen from Afterglow here,

There is a light at the end of the tunnel! That light is the sun, and it’s bringing on the spring sunshine. Seriously, the winter was the worst we’ve seen in the past 20 years, four degrees below average. I’m a numbers guy, so bare with me here.

The Average Daily High this winter was -4.6, and the Average Daily Low -14.9. But frighteningly, the coldest day was -31.2 on February 12th. We had some long cold snaps and wind this winter with far too many days of extreme cold.

Let’s heat things up and talk about last summer. It was about one degree hotter than average, but just like our cold, we experienced extreme heat as well. Remember our Keep Cool Tips? Two remarkable notes from the UW Weather Station Blog, which is a great resource for weather junkies like us at Afterglow.

1.   July 19th, the temperature dropped nearly 10 degrees in 15 minutes, and we experienced a massive storm in Waterloo Region. We remember the unfortunate damage it left around the city. We wrote a blogs about it.

2.   September 10th, the temperature got up to 34.7 degrees.

I love Canadians. Despite the record setting winter, we are already getting calls from our customers asking about air conditioning.  Which is great, because we have an awesome pre-season sale!

We will work with you to get the right cooling solution for your home or business: central air, ductless units, attic installations – what-ever suits your home.

We know it will get warmer! Prepare now before the market heats up!