Top 3 Frequently Asked HVAC Questions Heading Into The Summer

HVAC systems keep your home comfort and safety in check, but do you know how they work to maintain this comfort and safety? For the average homeowner, these high-tech systems can be tricky to understand. That is why we have honed the expertise of our Afterglow specialists to answer our most frequently asked questions leading into the summer.

“We made it through the winter with our old furnace/boiler. Can we wait for the fall to replace it?”

We get it, everyone wants to save money if they can. But when it comes down to your furnace or boiler, we highly recommend that you don’t wait! Just because your furnace or boiler survived the winter does not mean it is working efficiently. You may be investing more money the longer you wait. Why? Your air-conditioner relies on your furnace to blow air throughout your home. If that furnace is not in good shape, it could cause your AC to stop working entirely. In the summer months —this is not a problem anyone wishes to have! Do not suffer from heat in vain. Replace your furnace or boiler now so that you are not rushed when the colder weather hits!

“Does the efficiency of an air conditioner really make much of a difference?”

If you like saving money and the environment, yes, air-conditioner efficiency matters! AC efficiency is measured in SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio), which is the rating calculated by the amount of cooling outputted during a typical cooling season divided by the electrical energy (BTU) inputted during that same time period. Essentially, the higher the SEER rating, the more energy efficient the unit is. For the average Canadian home running their AC from March to September, a bump up one point in SEER may result in savings of $10-$15 per month!

“If I have a boiler at home, can I even get air conditioning?”

Many of our clients think that if they have a boiler installed, they are out of luck with an AC system because boiler systems do not use ducts to transport heat throughout the home. That is not the case! Air conditioner technology is becoming more and more inventive! Ductless options with wall-mounted AC heads are available and can be quite cost-effective. These powerful systems can cool rooms or even entire floors quite rapidly, saving you at the hottest time of the year! Ducted systems are also available and can work alongside your boiler.

You asked, we answered! Do not suffer in the scorching heat this summer. Bask in the cool air you always dreamed of! Do you have any HVAC questions nagging you? Contact us —our HVAC specialists would be happy to help provide you with some clarity and expert advice!

Shining a Flashlight on Boilers

Residential BoilerYour home’s boiler is an important and rather complicated piece of machinery, and must be installed correctly and checked regularly for upkeep and maintenance, by a trained professional.

Ensuring your boiler is properly installed and is in good working order, is key to running your house and keeping your family warm when the temperature outside drops!

What makes up a truly good boiler? Efficiency, durability, longevity, controls, but in the end this is the device that has to keep you warm during the long cold winter months.

This year, our Afterglow technicians have corrected more boiler installation errors by other contractors than ever before. Yikes! We are repairing systems suffering from a variety of issues: piping, pump conflicts, venting problems, bad control strategies. Overall, we’ve been improving the performance of residential boilers from Guelph to Stratford, Orillia to Port Dover!

If your boiler is sick, hasn’t been checked recently, or you are unsure who installed it, or when it was installed, give us a ring: 519-747-7732! One of our friendly, qualified technicians will be right over to examine your boiler, make sure it is working well and running smoothly.

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 12.20.30 PMIf you’re interested in purchasing a residential boiler, check out our top 5 blog! It lists the best boilers available in Canada based on model, style, efficiency AFUE, its heat exchanger, water content and more.

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