ISP-Thermometer-OKThis past weekend was a scorcher! On Friday May 8, we experienced temperatures that were 12 degrees warmer than the average temperature for this time of year. That means some of Waterloo Region residents were turning on their air conditioners (AC) earlier than usual!

Did you know that the best time to get AC checked is now? Contractors get busy once summer comes into full swing, and we want your system to be operating at peak efficiency during extreme heat.

As your AC runs, it collects dirt and dust in key areas that affect its efficiency. If you leave it unchecked, it can lose 5% of its operating efficiency every year. Yikes! That means it can’t cool your house as proficiently as it could if it were clean.

Even if you don’t suspect any problems with your AC unit, it’s good to have it inspected, serviced and cleaned once a year – ideally now – to ensure it’s operating at peak efficiency during the months you need it most.

Did you also know that your cooling system uses over 50% of your energy costs in your home during the summer? While changing the air filter is one of the simplest things you can do to keep your AC working, a regular maintenance routine with an Afterglow professional will keep your unit from malfunctioning in the summer, and incurring unexpected costs.

Don’t neglect your AC!

Schedule a maintenance appointment with Afterglow today! Give us a call (519-747-7732) or send us an email to our Office Administrator, Brigitte Toutant.

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