Furnace Repair & Installations in Kitchener, ON

Relief from harsh winters and energy bills


Woken up to a cold home and furnace not producing heat? Tried all the usual turning off and on and still no luck? It’s time to call in the experts for fast and reliable furnace repair services. Whatever the time of day or night, our highly trained furnace repair technicians are on hand to get your furnace working again. Our response times are fast and we will get your home warm and comfortable in no time at all.

We have been providing furnace installation and repair services to Kitchener homes for the past 24 years.

Our technicians have been trained to service and repair all makes and models of heating furnaces including the following:
● Trane.
● Carrier.
● Armstrong.
● Comfortmaker.
● York.
● Rheem
● Plus more…

Furnace Maintenance

Regular maintenance on your furnace by experienced technicians will ensure you are protected against most breakdowns. It is also a safety and efficiency concern to ensure your furnace receives maintenance. Components checked during a maintenance visit include:

  • Burners, pilot flame and air filters plus other combustion system components.
  • Safety components such as non return valves, temperature sensors, high and low limit sensors, furnace flue system and gas leak checks are conducted.

Temp Supply and Return, Hi Limits, Vent System, Ventor, Natural Gas Leaks, Gas Pressure, Carbon Monoxide

Central Furnace Repairs

Central furnaces have an average life span of nearly 20 years. It can be much less if maintenance is not carried out. If your central furnace is nearing the end of its useful life, efficiency drops and fuel consumption increases. Let us help you find a suitable replacement if your furnace is nearing the end.

Professional Ductless Furnace Installations

Enjoy peace of mind because you can rely on our 24 years of installation and maintenance of ductless furnaces. Forget unsightly ducts snaking around your home with the clean and efficient ductless furnaces.

Rooftop Furnace Installation

If you are looking for an out of sight furnace installation to serve your large home or office block, rooftop furnaces are the way to go. Suitable for mounting on the roof or on ground level, you can enjoy a warm and cozy home while the furnace chugs away quietly out of sight.

Call Now For Emergency Furnace Repairs In Kitchener

We have the expertise to install and repair all types of furnaces. Give us a call on (519) 747-7732 for emergency furnace repairs. We are here 24/7 to respond to your furnace emergencies so don’t hesitate to call