Furnace Repair & Installation in Guelph, ON

Relief from harsh winters and energy bills


No heating furnace ever breaks down on the hottest day of the year. It’s usually in the middle of a crippling cold spell that your furnace packs in. At Afterglow we have been repairing and installing furnaces in Guelph, ON for nearly 25 years. Whether your furnace breaks down in the day or night, there is always someone available to come for emergency repairs.

Our work is covered by our 1 year peace of mind labour and parts guarantee. We work on all types of furnaces and brands including:
● Comfortmaker.
● Carrier.
● Trane.
● Rheem.
● Bryant.
● Luxaire.
● Plus many more…

Reliable Furnace Maintenance

You can extend the life of your furnace with periodic maintenance visits by our trained technicians. Furnace efficiency is also improved resulting in lower energy bills. To keep you home and family safe it is essential the following components are also regularly checked:

  • Temperature sensors.
  • Gas valves.
  • Furnace vents.
  • High and low limit sensors.

Central Furnace Repairs

If you have an aging furnace that is nearly 20 years old, it’s time to start searching for a replacement. The serviceable life of most furnaces is 20 years although some may continue beyond that with proper maintenance. We will help you select the correct furnace for your heating requirements and install it professionally too.

Ductless Furnace Repairs & Installations

Our teams are trained and skilled in installing and repairing ductless furnaces. Heat and warmth is delivered exactly where you need it, without the need to run ducts all over your home. Call us for advice on ductless furnace installations in Guelph, ON today.

Rooftop Furnace Installation

Rooftop furnaces are ideal for large buildings and big homes. They can be mounted on the roof or on the floor if serving a single story building. Our team is specialised at installing all types of furnaces, including rooftop furnaces.

Call Us Today For Furnace Repairs & Installations in Guelph

For emergency furnace repairs or to schedule a routine maintenance visit, give us a call today on (519) 747-7732. We are available 24/7 to attend to your furnace repair& replacement needs.