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Did you hear it? Our General Manager, Stephen McDonald, spoke on 570 News’ “Ask The Expert” segment! His son and Afterglow enthusiast, Rowan McDonald, accompanied Stephen on the show.

The host, Dave Callandar, invited listeners to call in and ask our experts heating related questions. They spoke with listeners on a variety of topics, ranging from thermostats to furnaces.

During the 40-minute segment the McDonald men also discussed: furnace filters, ventilation systems, humidifiers, boilers and much more! One of our favourite takeaways was when Stephen explained that Ontario homes can have as much moisture in the winter as the desert. YIKES!

When Callandar asked Stephen about why he chose to appear on “Ask the Expert,” McDonald explained, “I want to communicate and connect with the people, and tell stories about what we’re doing in the Kitchener-Waterloo area.”

Listen to the report here:

If you have any heating questions give us a call! 519-747-7732.

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