Air Conditioning Repair & Air Conditioning Installation Kitchener, ON

Stay cool through any heatwave


Facing an air conditioning emergency and temperatures creeping up? Not sure who to turn to and afraid of waiting days before someone turns up? With one of the fastest response times in Kitchener, we will respond to your distress call 24/7 night or day.

As a family owned business, we take your call with the sensitivity it deserves, we wouldn’t want it any other way ourselves. Experience and dedication combine to deliver a faster and personal air condition repair and installation service for Kitchener home owners.

Professional Central Air Conditioning Installations

Central air conditioning systems are ideal for larger homes where you don’t want to have several units on the property. They require proper sizing to ensure you enjoy the comfort you had in mind at installation. Undersizing means it will work too hard and never deliver required comfort. Undersizing means you waste energy and money on a unit that is under used. We will help with sizing and professional installation of your central air conditioning system

Ductless Air Conditioning

No ducts in your home? NO PROBLEM! The solution: ductless air conditioners. They are suitable for homes with boilers, additions, or attic spaces that can’t properly be cooled by a central system.

Fun fact: The Waterloo Region loves this technology. We have installed more ductless air conditioners this past year than ever before.

Rooftop Air Conditioning Service

When it comes to air conditioning systems our expertise spans all brands including carrier, York, Trane, Goodman, Lennox, American Standard plus more. Rooftop air conditioning units are tucked out of the way, providing cooling remotely. We will repair or install your rooftop air conditioner to restore comfort to your home.

Air Conditioning Emergency In Kitchener? Call Now For Repairs

Is your air conditioning problem giving you sleepless nights? Don’t wait a second longer, we are here to take your call. For emergency air conditioning repairs call us now on (519) 747-7732. All our repairs are covered by our 1 year guarantee, for your peace of mind.