Air Conditioning Repair & Air Conditioning Installation in Cambridge, ON

Stay cool through any heatwave


Are you facing the prospects of spending time in your home-turned-sauna? Is the atmosphere of your normally comfortable home shattered because of a faulty air con? Are you afraid you may have to brave the heat for a couple of days before anyone comes round to carry out repairs?

Fear not because your area is served by Afterglow, Cambridge’s leading air conditioning repair company. With nearly 25 years in service, we have the speed and experience to deal with your problem fast.

Reliable Central Air Conditioning System Installations

Proper sizing of your central air conditioning unit is vital to your future comfort. We have the experience to size and specify the correct unit for your home. Ensuring the unit can provide adequate cooling for the space will mean when it gets hot in summer, you won’t really feel it inside. Under sizing a central air conditioning system results in poor performance and comfort when you need it.

Ductless Air Conditioning

No ducts in your home? NO PROBLEM! The solution: ductless air conditioners. They are suitable for homes with boilers, additions, or attic spaces that can’t properly be cooled by a central system.

Fun fact: The Waterloo Region loves this technology. We have installed more ductless air conditioners this past year than ever before.

Rooftop Air Conditioning Repairs

We have gained experience repairing all makes of air conditioning systems including Carrier, Trane, Goodman, Lennox, Trane plus others. Rooftop systems are usually installed on roofs, keeping them out of the way. They can also be located in compounds on the floor if serving single story buildings. If you are having a problem with your rooftop air con, we are the company to call.

Air Conditioning Emergency In Cambridge? Call Now For Fast Response

Don’t let your air conditioning system hold you to ransom.Call us on (519) 747-7732 day or night for professional and friendly emergency air conditioning repairs. We also offer a 1 year parts and labour guarantee for extra peace of mind.