Congratulations to our Furnace Giveaway Winners!

A Kitchener family that has dealt with hardships this year when their grandfather, Grant Wight, had emergency open-heart surgery, received a great gift from Afterglow this weekend. We surprised the Wight’s and two other Region of Waterloo families Saturday morning.

The Wight family

L to R: Grant Wight, Betty Ann Wight, Stephen McDonald.

“We started the Furnace Giveaway back in 2012 and are switching things up this year,” said our General Manager Stephen McDonald.

When we visited our 2014 Furnace Giveaway nominees, we realized their furnaces were in decent working condition and needed repairs or maintenance, but did not need to be replaced.

“We decided to fix up the three families furnaces which needed the most maintenance,” explained McDonald. “Afterglow will also be providing these families with a one year Care Package, including free furnace cleanings, maintenance, and a new carbon monoxide detector.”

The second family that Afterglow will be servicing this year is the Duffy’s. A Cambridge family has been in and out of McMaster Medical Hospital for the past year, as their daughter was born with life threatening medical issues. Neither parent has medical coverage, and the cost of furnace maintenance is not their top financial priority, even though their furnace needs a thorough cleaning.

“We are incredibly grateful that Afterglow is doing this for our family,” said Fran Duffy.

L to R: Shamus Duffy, Rick Duffy, Stephen McDonald, Fran Duffy, Molly Duffy.

L to R: Shamus Duffy, Rick Duffy, Stephen McDonald, Fran Duffy, Molly Duffy.

Their son Shamus LOVED our Afterglow blanket. He asked his parents if he could bring it to school!

Shamus Duffy
The final winner of Afterglow’s Giveaway is Charléne Le Duc, a Kitchener resident who is extremely community-minded. She spends the majority of her time giving back to the Region of Waterloo. Every week she hands out hats, gloves, and scarves in downtown Kitchener.

L to R: Stephen McDonald, Charléne Le Duc

When Afterglow inspected Le Duc’s home they recognized she did not have a carbon monoxide detector and her furnace needed some maintenance.

“This is an absolutely amazing initiative,” commented Le Duc, “Heart, business, philanthropy and all round goodness. Bravo!”

It’s amazing to see how appreciative residents are of the Furnace Giveaway.

We just want to quickly thank everyone who made our 3rd annual Furnace Giveaway possible. A big shout to CTV Kitchener for coming along for the ride today!

Happy Holidays!

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Furnace Maintenance

There are a lot of chores involved when you own a house. Luckily, there are things we only do once in a while, like cleaning behind the fridge and stove, or testing smoke detectors. But don’t forget maintaining your heating and ventilation system!

Central FuranceFurnace maintenance is something you should never skip out on. Keeping your equipment in good working condition so that it is efficient and reliable is VERY important. This means changing your furnace filter every couple of months and getting a yearly check-up.

Afterglow provides full system check-ups. In fact, when we go to clean a furnace we often hear, “the other company didn’t do that, and didn’t test this!”

That’s because at Afterglow our furnace maintenance is thorough. We clean the burners and fan; test airflow and gas pressure. Our technicians make sure your furnace is a finely tuned machine! Plus, we make sure that it is safe with gas and Carbon Monoxide tests.

But maintenance isn’t just about getting the best out of your furnace; it’s also a matter of safety. We want to make sure that you and your family is safe, secure, and confident in your heating system. After all, winter can be a long season!

Kitchener-Waterloo, make Afterglow your heating partner and keep your furnace and ventilation system in peak working order.

Afterglow. Water, warmth, well-being.

Ask the Expert – 570 News

Screenshot 2014-12-08 14.15.17

Did you hear it? Our General Manager, Stephen McDonald, spoke on 570 News’ “Ask The Expert” segment! His son and Afterglow enthusiast, Rowan McDonald, accompanied Stephen on the show.

The host, Dave Callandar, invited listeners to call in and ask our experts heating related questions. They spoke with listeners on a variety of topics, ranging from thermostats to furnaces.

During the 40-minute segment the McDonald men also discussed: furnace filters, ventilation systems, humidifiers, boilers and much more! One of our favourite takeaways was when Stephen explained that Ontario homes can have as much moisture in the winter as the desert. YIKES!

When Callandar asked Stephen about why he chose to appear on “Ask the Expert,” McDonald explained, “I want to communicate and connect with the people, and tell stories about what we’re doing in the Kitchener-Waterloo area.”

Listen to the report here:

If you have any heating questions give us a call! 519-747-7732.

Afterglow. Water, warmth, well-being.