Straight talk from Saul Korman

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Straight talk from Saul Korman

So what is Saul Korman’s Advice? Read on…

I love hearing the comforting voice of Saul Korman advertising Korry’s on the FAN-590 radio station. It is his authentic style that keeps me listening and enjoying his ads.

Last summer I emailed Saul to let him know that I liked his ads and that I would like to do something similar in my HVAC industry in the Kitchener Waterloo area. My father and I went down to the Danforth to chat with him. What a hospitable and warm man!

Recently I had lunch with Saul. I just love hearing the stories of a veteran business man. Near the end of the meal, I said: Saul, what kind of advice can you give a younger business person like me? He looked me in the eyes and said, “Hug your customers. Hug them and never let them go…”

I knew exactly what he meant.

Infraction Notice

As licensed gas fitters, sometimes we have responsibilities that make us unpopular.  When we’re on the job and we see something that contravenes the gas code, we’re not allowed to look the other way.  Safety is the only reason why these rules exist.  Funny, we often hear about business wanting to ‘cut red tape’ but this tape is keeping our safety net intact. Where would we be without rules and regulations for gas technicians? I shudder at the mere thought of it.

Recently I found a gas stove on kijiji for a great price.  When I asked about why he was selling it, the fellow told me that his wife didn’t like it, and that a gas technician who was in the house moving the gas line for their dryer noticed an issue with the gas line to the stove.  Unfortunately, that technician had no choice but to abide by the gas code and tell the homeowners that the stove is infracted.  Well that was it: gas stove was coming out!  They went electric, and I’ve gone to gas.

Big news around the industry: a couple models of Majestic brand fireplaces have been condemned.  It seems there is a flaw in the design: there have been a number of reported incidents of gas building up around the ceramic logs and exploding, shattering the glass into the room, and injuring people.  Here is the relevant quote from the TSSA’s release:

A Director’s Order was issued on September 14 prohibiting the sale, lease, rental, installation or use in Ontario of the following gas fireplaces manufactured by CFM Inc. (Majestic Fireplace):

All Insta-Flame and Northern Flame natural gas or propane-fired direct vent freestanding fireplaces with ‘FSDV22’ or ‘FSDV30’ or ‘FSDV32’ in the model name or number.

Any Insta-Flame and Northern Flame natural gas or propane-fired direct vent freestanding fireplace with the prefix ‘R’ in the model name or number is not included in the Director’s Order.

If you have a gas fireplace at home, take a minute to confirm the make and model of the unit. Call us if you have trouble identifying it. Should you own one of these Majectic models, shut it down, and for safety’s sake – get it replaced.

Call Afterglow for your water warmth and well-being needs!

Movember is upon us!

Thursday morning marks the first day of November and also the first day of our next charity project. All the Afterglow guys are participating in Movember, which means we’re growing moustaches to help raise money and awareness for prostate cancer and men’s mental health issues.

One of the challenges of prostate cancer is the stigma.  It is an awkward and difficult subject to talk about.  Movember breaks the ice and brings prostate cancer to the forefront.  The reality is that men need to go to the doctor to get checked out.  Timely detection is literally the difference between life and death.

Check out our team’s page and make a donation here:

We’ll be posting pictures of our progress so check back throughout the month!

Afterglow: Home Expert News (August 2012). Within the Rental Property Market: How to Gain from the Outcome of Heating and Cooling Efficiencies.

Within the Rental Property Market: How to Gain from the Outcome of Heating and Cooling Efficiencies

Rick Eleveld is a commercial property owner in Guelph, Ontario. A crown piece among his business endeavors is a 12-apartment complex overlooking Riverside Park, named The Myconian. Eleveld purchased the complex with a long term plan for renovation in mind. One challenge of buying and rebuilding an older commercial property is deciding how to handle an antiquated heating and cooling system.

Enter Afterglow the premier heating and cooling company for the region. Eleveld soon understood that he was in good hands. With a broad selection of heating, cooling and air quality products and services, Afterglow prides itself on creating customized comfort plans tailored to every home and commercial property.

Updating The Myconian’s outdated heating and cooling system was part of a modernization plan and was highlighted as a key investment in infrastructure for the building. Eleveld began searching through his trusted network of suppliers for a trustworthy heating and cooling contractor. Afterglow was highly recommended as a reputable company that would work to produce the best results.

Previous Options:
The inherited heating and cooling system predated the existing ownership. It was an old Boiler 400K BTUH and old Water Heater 80K BTUH system. The machines’ exhaust vented through the chimney, opposed to the more economical and efficient ventilation of Afterglow’s solution.

 *** Article Continued ***

Afterglow Solution:


Afterglow’s General Manager, Stephen McDonald, developed a personal interest in the project. He got directly involved with Rick’s team to work hands-on. McDonald focused on research and calculations resulting in the perfect solution and it was apparent that he worked diligently was laboring to find the right product for the property to help meet his client’s needs. When it came time to install the product, McDonald was determined to put in a little elbow grease with the rest of the team.

“He’s the right mix of owner entrepreneur, and that is rare,” says Eleveld of McDonald. In a world that’s centered around money, McDonald realizes that it’s about the relationships you build and earned trust.


The successful solution from Afterglow was a Hybrid Boiler System, commonly called the MCI-255. It sports a High Efficiency Boiler, a supporting Mid-Efficiency Boiler, plus an durable Indirect Water Heater, all tied together with simple controls. The system was downsized by almost HALF, and the two boilers provide a back-up for both heating and hot water, something the building didn’t have before.

No More Open Windows in Winter! Using an outdoor temperature sensor and a mixing valve, pinpoint accurate boiler water temperature can be delivered to the building. That means Eleveld controls the maximum temperature to the units ensuring no energy is wasted heating the outside.


Eleveld, with a background in accounting, realizes the true benefits of the Afterglow solution. Rick invested more than $19,800.00 in heating equipment for his commercial property. After doing the math, Eleveld understood that Afterglows solution would save him an estimated 30-40% over the course of one year.


Four smooth months after the initial installation, McDonald returned to Myconian Apartments to review the system and ensure that it was still performing at peak efficiency. Afterglow continues to service the property and does regular maintenance checks. Eleveld still feels confident that “we don’t have to worry about a thing anymore”.

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